Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mystery of the missing cliff bars (by Rose)

As Maddy and Spencer know, Rich and I had a Mystery of the Missing Clif Bars this week. It was mysterious enough that we asked the kids, "Do you know what happened to the grocery bag of Clif Bars?" because we thought maybe they'd have seen the bag in the car, or have eaten some, or SOMETHING. (There had been approximately 30 bars in the bag!)

Theories included:

We left the bag at the grocery.
We left the bag in the car and it's buried under stuff.
(We didn't really believe this one). We brought the bag into the house and children ate more than 20 Clif Bars in 3 hours. (There weren't any wrappers, or kids with tummyaches, so this seemed unlikely!)

After not figuring anything out, we gave up for a few days -- UNTIL!

We found an uneaten and unopened Clif Bar on the walk between the cottage and Ed's house. Huh? So we started wondering again what had happened to the bag of bars.

Today, we think we have an answer. This answer is not for the faint of heart.

In the yard between the houses, we saw some dog poop. This dog poop had Clif Bar wrapper in it.

A little ways on, we saw more dog poops. Each of them with Clif Bar wrappers mixed in.

There are *many* Clif Bar dog poops in the yard. Final straw: *Another* unopened and uneaten Clif Bar by the side yard, where Jack hangs out.

Admittedly, we did not *see* Jack take the Clif Bars. But I think the evidence points to a certain BIG RED DAWG as the culprit.


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