Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Big Reveal

We stopped at the Gasomotor stop on the U3, and I experienced another in the series of 'Great Reveals' from train stations.

Of course I took a GigaPan :-)

You come up the escalater and face this massive victorian building which was a gas storage tank from the
city Gas Works.

And there is a whole row of 'crazy' green apartment buildings next to the four gas towers.

The towers are now redeveloped, see the wikipedia link:

And see this link

This is high on my list of awesome city 'reveals' = those places where you come out of the ground, or around a corner, and suddenly your breath is taken away.

Coming out of the Roman Subway at the Colisium stop is another classic, and the Stephanplatz station here in Vienna.

And perhaps every subway stop, every ascent from the underworld, provides the opportunity for the grand reveal. Symbolically, and literally, we are exiting the underworld, escaping the lost place below and entering again the land of light and warmth.

We are Persephone coming up in the spring to bring warmth and fertility, or perhaps, just coming up into the warmth and fertility.

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