Friday, December 25, 2009

Kid's a little delayed, and funny keyboards...

I was all decked out in SFSlim's Santa Suit which I wore for Santa Con a few weeks ago.

I was waiting in the main entrance to the MQ. I worked on the netbook until it got too cold, then I just waited and waited. Adorable cute tourist girls would ask me if they could take pictures with me, but that was no real recompense...

I just waited, getting excited at each arriving taxi it them? Is it them? I was out there waiting for a long time.

I finally came back in, and there was a gtalk chat up from Molly
"Molly: hey
were going to be late
in venna aroo--nd 8
our flght got delazed
love zyou
were readzy to be there
but we have maps and should be able to get to you guys
lwe a-ll love zou"

Molly is normally fairly good at her grammer and all, so I think that represents a combination of lousy/limited connectivity plus a European keyboard.

The 'love zou' is a give away, with the y and z in unexpected places!

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