Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where to GigaPan in Vienna?

It turns out that when you are taking GigaPans people ask you what you are doing. Sometimes they are just walking slowly and looking curious. So whenever I am taking a GigaPan I look around to see who might be interested. And then I hand them a card and start jumping up and down saying 'gigapixel, gigapixel' and pretty soon they start jumping up and down as well and we all sit on the Group W bench having a fine time and talking about GigaPans. (with apologies to Arlo Guthrie).

The other night we were at a fun reception, and I realized that the trick was to get people to imagine places where they would like to see GigaPans...and thus was born my Magic Conversational Trick: ask questions...

But not just any questions. If you ask general questions about someone they just might start talking about something other than GigaPans. So the question is a variant of 'So what else should I take a GigaPan of?'

Please add your thoughts (or if the comments are wonky, email me The subject line 'Places to make your Pictures Bigger' will work :-)

The challenge to finding good subjects is to find things which are interesting at various scales. There are a lot of GigaPans which are interesting when you print them, but boring when explored on the screen. And others are boring when printed, but fascinating when explored on line. I want subjects which are both, darnit!

I have a growing list of spots, but I want more!

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