Monday, December 21, 2009

Karlsplatz rocks

I am back from adventures. I am going to sit in the apartment until I feel like it would be sensible to take off my hat and scarf. Then I will pursue the next adventure. I only returned because I had batteries to recharge, plus I was cold :-)

I took the GigaPan out again today (shocking, I know!). It was cold, another shocker - in December, in Central Europe, the weather tends towards the nippy side.

I took a few Gigapans of the poster displays, but this time in daylight. At one point I wanted to get each wall, in full detail. But today I decided that I can't do everything. I have now taken enough pictures of poster displays to demonstrate that gigapans of that sort of display are a good way to share the message.

Or perhaps I have not made that point. But more images will not be more convincing. And there are other things to image!

View the full image at

It is so much easier to take images in daylight! After the posters I continued to my original goal of the Naschmarkt. Should be a great subject for GigaPans! I assume so, but I don't yet know. I was cold I took the UBahn. The MuseumsQuartier is so big that there is a separate train station on each end, the MariaHilferstrasse side and the Burgrasse side.

I took one stop on the U2 to KarlsPlatz. I figured I'd take a picture of the Secession in the glowing light, and then hang out in the Naschmarkt taking images. But I was distracted and pulled away by Resselpark, and the Christmas market there.

The ATM has been broken the last few days, so I only had 6E with me, but that was enough for roasted chestnuts - 'bitte, Marone, Grosse' - please, large chestnuts...

And I gigapanned Karlskirche, with its' fabulous towers and the christmas market below, including pony rides and a petting zoo in the actual Karlsplatz in front of the church.

Karlskirche is undergoing rennovations, so right now you can ride an industrial elevator up to the base of the dome and then take stairs up to see details of the restoration work. This gives you a totally unexpected view of details in the dome which are normally invisible.

I wandered a bit more and took a couple of more GigaPans, and looked at the Technical University museum with the plaque that the Strauss brothers went there, and entertaining stencil art, but then I realized that I was too cold, and had too few working batteries, so it was best to zip home and warm up and charge batteries.

But the key is that Karlsplatz is well worth returning to. With the market, and church rennovations to look at, and University buildings, and park - which looked like more fun
in the summer :-) and then the Naschmarkt and Secession Museum right across the street.

In Psychogeographical terms, the Karlsplatz U2 Station is more interesting than Stephensdom.

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