Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy in Vienna

We arrived in Wien yesterday and went directly to Robo Exotica.

There were robots, and great fun.

"Bacon, Potatos, and onions, all on the same pizza? I love you, pizza fister, I mean, flitzer. Oh. Who am I kidding. Pizza Fister. #roboe09"

Someone was getting fisted by pizza. I am not sure what that is about. I hope it was a little duck pizza.

I am going to try to 'blog,' but since my attention to detail can wander my apologies to anyone I miss or get wrong.

Earlier we went up so Rose could meet her Visiting Artist contact person. The guard brought us up and the receptionist looked at me. I gave her a dumb look (I give fantastc dumb looks!) and pointed at Rose.

It was awesome to have reached a level of feminist awareness in which I can tell the most obvious things.

So they gave Rose big thick cool books like 'AiR 200 / 100 Artists-in-Residence / quarier21/MQ / 2006-2009'

They didn't give me any books. But they did give Rose a map, and when I asked they were happy to give me one as well.

This evening we went to a reception where we met other visiting artists. We met Karisia Paponi who is an Italian Designer who designed the dress which fills multiple posters all around the MQ.

And a cool portrait photographer from Berlin, Jan. And one of my favorites Andrea Schneeneir.

She has been doing installation pieces on Fear. If I understood it all correctly she gives people small cards upon which to write down their fears. She started during the Bush era, and the fears have changed.

Some are amusing, like the fellow in land locked Budapest who is afraid of sharks (though perhaps that fear predates his residency in Budapest).

As a one-time afficiando of maps I wanted to see the fears mapped by area. Like have people add a city or region, so you can full fear maps.

There was a photographic display 'Cinematic Maps' which was nearly inspiring. Split pictures. Half with black text, a name and address or description, white text, black background. The other half a black and white print of the place.

The locations were from episodes of, I think, _Law and Order_.

The fascinating to me take away, aside from me wanting to see the picture referenced on a larger map, was that I watched this show about boxes on the plane. Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

Kubrick left lots and lots and lots of boxes. 1000 or more. Many are filled with research. He had a photographer (or more than one) spent a year taking pictures of London for set ideas for _Eye's Wide Shut_.

I watched the show several times because while I thought it was actually interesting, it was also working to help me sleep, which was my real goal. Between the multiple half asleep watchings I think that I saw most of it.

Somewhere in there we had yummy Turkish Food just up Mariahilfer from the MQ.

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