Monday, December 21, 2009

Das leben ist kein ponyhoff, auber das leben ist GigaPanhoff.

This is for Mizchalmers. Rose intends to get you a t-shirt with this
slogan. I tried to translate it, but I kept getting confused. I am
having trouble with words which are totally different in meaning based
only on a single letter difference.

lieben and leben are different, but related. 'Lieben' is 'love' and 'leben'
is 'life.' And 'Klein' is 'small,' but 'kein is 'not.'

I tend to mix up klein and kein which might explain why waiters sometimes
bring me bier and sometimes bring me dirty looks.

It is like they have their own language here!

But back to 'Das leben ist kein ponyhoff.' Life is not a pony yard, or maybe 'life
is not a rose garden.'

Auber das leben ist GigaPanhoff. But life is a GigaPan Yard!

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