Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Navigation and Phones and OffMaps

I am a technologist who until this trip was terrified of
dealing with telecommunications in Europe.

Here is what I have been doing, which has worked for me:
-I brought my iPhone, and left it with its' US SIM. I added
the AT&T international plan for $5.95.

I am available for emergencies, but I don't use that phone.

-I turned data roaming off on the iphone

-I got a voice only sim for 20 euros from a phone shop for
my Android

-The best thing ever, on Kyle Machulis' advice I downloaded
the iPhone app OffMaps which provides off line maps for the

While you are on wifi you use the program, search the areas
you are interested in, and the program downloads the map
tiles at your selected zoom level. More tiles, ie. more zoom,
means more cache used.

The short answers:

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