Monday, December 21, 2009

History of Buidlings

The other day we had dinner and beer at a delightful beer pub, the 7 Stern or 7 Star.
To us it was a nice place. Maybe like Gordon Biersch at home. A place to socialize, eat some yummy Tafelspitz and beer and warm up.

Tafelspitz is boiled beef in broth Viennese style. And I really really like it! They serve you the broth the beef was cooked in, and you eat it like a Starter (and I like the word 'starter' more than 'appetizer,' just saying). And then you have beef. And maybe some Rosti potatos on the side (Rosti are sort of like hash browns) and horseradish with apple sauce.

But Rose just read that before it was a brewpub this building was home to a communist newspaper, Volksstimmeit, and before that was a Gestapo headquarters.

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